Workshops in Port Hawkesbury

If you are interested in attending one of our free workshops, please register at the front desk, or call 902-625-0001 and ask to speak to Patricia Proctor.


We also offer individual training in computer skills and a workshop about personality dimensions when we have 6 or more people registered. 


Other workshops available include:


Career Planning and Cruising

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Workplace and Personal Development

Confidence Building

Basic Computer Skills (Maximum of 6 people)

Job Search Skills

Ace the Interview

Stress Management

Time Management

Customer Service

Success in the Workplace


Workshop Descriptions

Career Planning: You will obtain information, instruction and assistance on what is required to re-evaluate their career path and make the necessary adjustments to build a career that better fits their preferred future. You will understand that career planning is a process that involves matching their interests, values, aptitudes, skills, and learning styles with occupations that are a good fit for them. 


Basic Computer Skills: You will become comfortable using the internet as a resource while job searching. Participants will also receive instruction on how to use common office software to be able to create their own resume and cover letters.


Bullying in the Workplace: You will learn different types of workplace bullying, factors contributing to bullying in the workplace, and effect of bullying on the target and on the workplace. You will also gain an understanding of the difference between bullying and harassment.


Confidence Building: You will obtain information on why having confidence is so important, along with what having confidence looks and sounds like. You will gain knowledge on the different strategies for building self-confidence and self-esteem.


Coping with Job Loss: You will obtain information on the Job Loss Cycle and the impacts of job loss, including the stages and emotions that people typically experience during job loss and transition. You will better understand the importance of keeping these stages in mind as they experience work transition and make decisions about what to do next. 


Cover Letter: You will obtain information and instruction on how to create effective cover letters to be used during a job search. You will learn strategies to help them understand what should be included in a cover letter in order for it to complement but not duplicate what is included in your resume. 


Customer Service: You will obtain information and instruction on how to provide excellent customer service.


Interview Skills: You will obtain information and instruction on how to improve your interview skills. You will learn strategies to help prepare for, as well as, conduct yourself during and after a job interview. 

Job Search Strategies: You will obtain information and instruction on tips and techniques for conducting an effective job search, resulting in your ability to find appropriate employment within the shortest possible timeframe. Along with information on how to utilize social media effectively in their job search. You will have a better understanding of the role of social media as a way to use the internet to connect with companies and individuals.


Resume Writing: You will obtain information and instruction on how to create an effective resume. 


Stress & Wellness Management: You will obtain information on how stress can impact one’s emotional, physical and mental well-being. Participants will also learn different techniques to help minimize and control stress.


Standard First Aid: CPR & AED/Level C: Saint John Ambulance: You will learn basic first aid skills needed to sustain life and manage the scene of an injury. Standard First Aid, CPR & AED/Level C includes first aid for adults, children and infants and one and two rescuer CPR.  


Success in The Workplace: You will obtain information and instruction on how to maintain employment and be successful in the workplace.  You will have a better understanding of employer expectations and the qualities required to be a successful employee. Along with reviewing diversity in the workplace.


Work-Life Balance and Time Management: You will gain information on the importance of creating a healthy work and life balance, review the 10 top time management mistakes. You will obtain information on SMART goals and how to use them maintain a successful work and life balance.


Workplace and Personal Development: You will obtain information on job readiness, assets and barriers to employment and personal identification. You will also gain information on personal image, employability skills, and different communication styles.

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